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High Bay LED Fixture


Build Quality:

    Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

Standard LED Colors:

    4000K (US Series Only) or 5000K


    US Series - Up to 168 Lumens per Watt

    BAL Series - Up to 145 Lumens per Watt

Operating Temperature:

    Standard ambient temp -40 to 140ºF (-40 to 60ºC)

    High ambient option temp -40 to 149ºF (-40 to 65ºC)

Mounting Options:

    Direct, Pendant, or Cable mount

Physical Dimensions:

    2.15”H x 13”W x 18” or 24” or 48”L


    0-10V Standard Dimming


    L70 @ 200,000 Hours!

Color Accuracy:

    80 CRI

Technical Data & IES Files

*We are currently in the process of updating the IES files.  We recently improved the efficiency of our lights and are in the process of getting them re-certified.

About our High Bay

As an all-in-one design and manufacturing business, InsightLED understands the need to not only see what you’re building, but to also save money while building it!  That’s why a High Bay LED fixture was one of our first projects.  We realized that the lighting in our warehouse desperately needed to be updated so we looked around at some of the existing fixtures on the market but we weren’t really sold on any of them.  There were plenty of cheap options but most of them felt that way too.  That’s why we opted to design an extruded aluminum enclosure that has heat sinking built in to it.  The rugged enclosure keeps the LEDs and Power Supply at the optimal temperature so that we can confidently offer a 10 year warranty on this product!  Even in damp locations!

We have two product lines that use the same enclosure and it really comes down to just how efficient you need the fixture to be.   For more in-depth specifications download the brochures using the buttons up above, or from our Downloads Page, or use the CONTACT US form and our sales team will be happy to answer any product-related questions that you have.